Dr. Rodney P. Witt


 Dr. Witt grew up on a small farm  in Ava, Missouri.  He was the eighth child out of ten children to John  and Betty Witt.  Being raised in a large family taught him to be  flexible, determined and to have a servant heart.  His passion of  playing football in high school lead to many accolades including First  Team All-State running back his senior year.  He became a scholarship  athlete at (SMSU) Missouri State University.  During his junior year he  sustained a spinal injury that was not healing with traditional medical  treatment.  After seeing a chiropractic physician who found the cause of  his problem, he was treated and able to continue playing football.   This influenced him so much he decided to change his career path.  After  college he spent the next three and half years at Logan College of  Chiropractic in St. Louis finishing his Bachelor of Science in Human  Biology and his Doctorate in Chiropractic. Two months later he married  Sheryl and opened his practice in Nixa five months later. Over the next  five years they had four children; Mackenzie, Victoria, Christian and  Reagan. 



Dr.  Witt has taken his passion for athletics and put it into thousands of  patients and athletes in southwest Missouri. He has been the team  Chiropractor for Missouri State University athletics since 1997. Partnering with the medical and athletic training staff, that has  one of the best programs in all of college athletics.

Dr. Witt  knows that "motion is life" in human performance.  Professional, college  and high school athletes rely on him and his team to keep high levels  of performance. He also knows that great health means many times relying  on a team of physicians/specialists. He has working relationships with  and receives many referrals from neurosurgeons, medical doctors,  specialists, physical therapists and massage therapists.  Dr. Witt was  the only Chiropractic physician on Mercy Health's Integrated Health  Program, which helped patients with chronic back pain.


 The importance of continued  learning is valuable to Dr. Witt.  He has many hours of study in  nutrition, spinal biomechanics/rehabilitation and whiplash/auto  injuries.  His interest in whiplash/auto injuries has led to study at  the Spine Research Institute of San Diego and the specialty evaluations  of Digital Motion X-ray (DMX).  His DMX is the only one in a private  clinic in Missouri. This evaluation allows patients to find injuries  that cannot be seen on MRI and CT scans.

Although Dr. Witt and  have staff team has seen thousands of patients since opening his practice in 1990 they still treat every patient as if they are family.   Listening to them, finding the cause of their problem and helping them  gain a better quality of life is our team's passion.